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Playing on Linux

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      Connect to Atlas
         Playing on Linux
         Playing on Mac
      Hall of Valor
      Server Settings
      Slash Commands
      User Interfaces
      Atlas Additions
         Bounty System
         Conquest System
         Cosmetic Rewards
         Realm Loyalty
         Recurring Quests
      Damage Tables
      DAoC Terminology
      ROG Weapon Speeds
      XP Item Index
         XP Items - Albion
         XP Items - Hibernia
         XP Items - Midgard
  • Requirements​ (top)

    • Wine 7 installed (using WINEHQ)
    • Winetricks

    Setup​ (top)

    Execute the following commands using a terminal application:

    1) Create your Wine 32bits prefix
    WINEPREFIX=~/Wine/DAOC WINEARCH=win32 wineboot

    2) Install prerequisites with Winetricks
    WINEPREFIX=~/Wine/DAOC winetricks -q dotnet48

    3) Add a new registry key
    WINEPREFIX=~/Wine/DAOC wine regedit

    In HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Avalon.Graphics add a new DWORD key named DisableHWAcceleration with the value 1.
    Create the key Avalon.Graphics if it doesn't exist.

    4) Download Atlas installer

    5) Extract Atlas installer
    cd ~/Downloads
    unzip AtlasInstaller-1.0.zip

    6) Install Atlas in your Wine prefix
    WINEPREFIX=~/Wine/DAOC/ wine AtlasInstaller-1.0.exe

    7) Play!
    You can now launch DAoC using the Atlas login client.

    The new v1.0+ Launcher has a self-updating feature that is not functional under Linux at the minute.
    If you see a file named AtlasLauncher_Update.exe in your DAOC folder, consider renaming it to AtlasLauncher.exe to use the latest version of the launcher.
    All other updates are downloaded and applied automatically.

    Backing Up Game Settings​ (top)

    In ~/Wine/DAOC/drive_c/users/YOURUSERNAME/AppData/Roaming/Electronic Arts/Dark Age of Camelot/Atlas the following files exist:
    • user.dat
    • char.bin
    • Various .ign and .ini files with your character names
    Back these up regularly! They contain game settings like quickbar layouts, keyboard binds, graphics settings, layouts, and more.

    Credits​ (top)

    Big thanks to Siouxsie for the original Linux guide and to Lucatiel for updating it to work with AtlasLauncher v1.0+
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