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Hall of Valor

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  • Some adventurers make direct eye contact with death. These characters made death look away first.

    Character NameClassTime To 50
    CornpopEldritch0d 6h 56m
    VigridShaman0d 9h 50m
    LocooCabalist0d 9h 52m
    RonburgundyAnimist0d 9h 57m
    MordeathRanger0d 10h 16m
    ViggrivSpiritmaster0d 10h 26m
    CassyoEnchanter0d 12h 19m
    JayTheurgist0d 13h 28m
    CullduriaCabalist0d 13h 34m
    SentaniaCabalist0d 13h 45m
    SephiriaFriar0d 14h 16m
    NonnerTheurgist0d 14h 17m
    BulmaTheurgist0d 14h 19m
    MalinaAnimist0d 15h 17m
    ImmortalAnimist0d 15h 28m
    KaraokeMinstrel0d 16h 1m
    HardcorecabalistCabalist0d 16h 18m
    LancelotPaladin0d 16h 27m
    ZannahAnimist0d 16h 29m
    KinokuAnimist0d 16h 30m
    WraexirNightshade0d 16h 41m
    CasshernHero0d 16h 49m
    MordethNightshade0d 17h 0m
    SoloaniAnimist0d 17h 9m
    SoulcoreCabalist0d 17h 26m
    RabbitsNightshade0d 17h 37m
    AlwaysCabalist0d 17h 40m
    TuranoInfiltrator0d 18h 1m
    DonatioCabalist0d 18h 7m
    JudasCabalist0d 18h 53m
    DananinnRanger0d 19h 30m
    CindraAnimist0d 19h 40m
    CirarTheurgist0d 20h 26m
    PhunderThane0d 20h 46m
    FnolfnirDruid0d 20h 48m
    MoonBonedancer0d 20h 59m
    LocnecNecromancer0d 21h 13m
    ReisswolfCabalist0d 21h 19m
    FelideRanger0d 21h 21m
    JaymReaver0d 21h 23m
    HardcassAnimist0d 21h 33m
    SaziroAnimist0d 21h 58m
    EmanuelRanger0d 22h 3m
    MorbusNecromancer0d 22h 43m
    WrekserInfiltrator0d 23h 42m
    TrufflesAnimist0d 23h 45m
    VigrigWarrior0d 23h 56m
    WreckzerShadowblade0d 23h 59m
    LudeWizard1d 0h 1m
    LaraScout1d 0h 4m
    WreckserScout1d 0h 19m
    FaileRanger1d 0h 30m
    MuerthaAnimist1d 0h 31m
    LanfeustWizard1d 0h 34m
    XsjadaaAnimist1d 0h 52m
    BresciaReaver1d 0h 55m
    SpeciesWizard1d 1h 4m
    MoonsHunter1d 1h 11m
    TurboRanger1d 1h 34m
    PersiShaman1d 1h 43m
    ZarielMercenary1d 1h 51m
    GlamEnchanter1d 1h 57m
    GojiraMinstrel1d 2h 34m
    DepressionAnimist1d 2h 34m
    SilvanoRanger1d 2h 35m
    WoodspryteNecromancer1d 2h 36m
    ArtisMinstrel1d 2h 45m
    BellumScout1d 3h 9m
    YronielShadowblade1d 3h 10m
    SauronSorcerer1d 3h 13m
    VanilleScout1d 3h 29m
    StormbringerEldritch1d 3h 31m
    YukinaCabalist1d 3h 32m
    SpartacusReaver1d 3h 43m
    WrekzerHunter1d 3h 47m
    TheokolesMercenary1d 4h 0m
    ChickenchantEnchanter1d 4h 22m
    TonnerNecromancer1d 4h 25m
    BoadiceaArmsman1d 4h 34m
    NazgulNecromancer1d 4h 42m
    MezzmeraldaSorcerer1d 4h 58m
    SoloeventpalaPaladin1d 5h 5m
    MuirgenDruid1d 5h 27m
    PedrinPaladin1d 6h 1m
    KeijuNightshade1d 6h 16m
    XylessTheurgist1d 6h 22m
    RisottoAnimist1d 6h 38m
    BlackberryScout1d 6h 40m
    DimlaScout1d 6h 44m
    XsaintusDruid1d 6h 50m
    JabsHunter1d 7h 7m
    PetrushkaBonedancer1d 7h 23m
    SpammyTheurgist1d 7h 35m
    BashingSkald1d 7h 35m
    JexRanger1d 7h 43m
    CiceroMinstrel1d 7h 49m
    ParalithNecromancer1d 7h 53m
    BlirpySpiritmaster1d 8h 1m
    FamesFriar1d 8h 5m
    GotmagiReaver1d 8h 32m
    KylethegreatRanger1d 8h 37m
    BanEnchanter1d 8h 49m
    LiegzReaver1d 8h 51m
    TshamppiChampion1d 9h 2m
    DraedisShaman1d 9h 10m
    KaridasSpiritmaster1d 9h 21m
    KiraInfiltrator1d 9h 32m
    IqlplScout1d 9h 38m
    PappyThane1d 9h 44m
    YoshimitzuInfiltrator1d 9h 53m
    CallistaMentalist1d 10h 15m
    KjertanThane1d 10h 32m
    ZenkBonedancer1d 10h 42m
    NaiadNecromancer1d 10h 56m
    SourceInfiltrator1d 11h 1m
    FirewalkerWizard1d 11h 12m
    ColinDruid1d 11h 18m
    SchleimerNecromancer1d 11h 21m
    ProphecyCleric1d 11h 22m
    LoronaRunemaster1d 11h 26m
    FootNecromancer1d 11h 26m
    AturoEnchanter1d 11h 28m
    DelwynnSpiritmaster1d 11h 31m
    LasadAnimist1d 12h 8m
    IsmaelSpiritmaster1d 12h 10m
    HarethDruid1d 12h 14m
    LogenWarrior1d 12h 17m
    SpookInfiltrator1d 12h 18m
    FnolfnirDruid1d 12h 51m
    ThodnirHunter1d 13h 4m
    BantamborineValewalker1d 13h 4m
    ChickeneldEldritch1d 13h 28m
    TreeMinstrel1d 13h 46m
    MaethorBlademaster1d 13h 55m
    SweepyBonedancer1d 14h 7m
    ParadonCabalist1d 14h 21m
    NachtmarMinstrel1d 14h 27m
    GolainyaArmsman1d 14h 31m
    GothmogTheurgist1d 14h 36m
    WurzelbertDruid1d 14h 46m
    MindrazMinstrel1d 14h 52m
    FlotteSkald1d 15h 14m
    HarethHunter1d 15h 32m
    JoulzNecromancer1d 15h 38m
    ArasHero1d 15h 46m
    AztrickReaver1d 16h 21m
    SionedScout1d 16h 25m
    KanuunaBlademaster1d 16h 44m
    BloodrocutedReaver1d 16h 56m
    GottesanbeterinValewalker1d 17h 24m
    DraugBlademaster1d 17h 24m
    ElderberryNecromancer1d 17h 37m
    JarethBonedancer1d 17h 38m
    SpexiesScout1d 17h 39m
    InisarPaladin1d 18h 9m
    KaschyaInfiltrator1d 18h 13m
    ForbzScout1d 18h 19m
    WarethWarden1d 18h 41m
    XorazDruid1d 18h 46m
    CabafixCabalist1d 18h 49m
    MesfevisezdtatmevsksNightshade1d 18h 54m
    GojiraBonedancer1d 19h 34m
    RootxHealer1d 19h 46m
    BadolaCleric1d 20h 4m
    NachtmahrInfiltrator1d 20h 34m
    DeadrockBonedancer1d 21h 15m
    SwolloWarrior1d 21h 26m
    JaegerHunter1d 21h 44m
    SpookiesMercenary1d 22h 11m
    SpectahBonedancer1d 22h 32m
    DubrakBonedancer1d 22h 39m
    MuertaReaver1d 23h 17m
    CaleaTheurgist1d 23h 51m
    EdarellaBlademaster2d 0h 12m
    VauranCleric2d 0h 15m
    IllilliliiliiHunter2d 0h 17m
    RohdanHunter2d 0h 21m
    KylethegreatScout2d 0h 34m
    ZaziChampion2d 0h 38m
    ChickenchampChampion2d 1h 0m
    AnaisDruid2d 1h 4m
    FeindbildShadowblade2d 1h 9m
    AmonBonedancer2d 1h 38m
    ElyxiaBonedancer2d 1h 41m
    SquaredTheurgist2d 2h 16m
    SioneadHunter2d 2h 18m
    KorpemagiNecromancer2d 2h 31m
    GorronwyDruid2d 3h 18m
    EroplaneDruid2d 3h 24m
    PiquetteSorcerer2d 3h 36m
    BelakorBonedancer2d 4h 1m
    ManveruChampion2d 4h 46m
    WeinbergschneckeDruid2d 5h 50m
    EracleusBonedancer2d 6h 28m
    GogoMercenary2d 7h 2m
    PluckleberryhcScout2d 7h 5m
    XyaPaladin2d 7h 32m
    NicklortzFriar2d 7h 36m
    BreedScout2d 9h 8m
    TahacScout2d 9h 32m
    SmiteCleric2d 9h 39m
    ArilivethTheurgist2d 10h 56m
    PrehBonedancer2d 10h 59m
    ThalionChampion2d 11h 22m
    LintwurmBlademaster2d 11h 30m
    MiloPaladin2d 11h 42m
    JayannaBonedancer2d 11h 52m
    OneFriar2d 12h 1m
    MiloMercenary2d 13h 9m
    HealannCleric2d 13h 11m
    TauristarRanger2d 13h 21m
    LaetiCleric2d 13h 54m
    ChloiseHunter2d 14h 18m
    StealthannHunter2d 14h 22m
    CoeurPaladin2d 14h 35m
    NogamiScout2d 15h 23m
    BattlebardBard2d 17h 21m
    VavlsyvlyValewalker2d 19h 26m
    GoronwyCleric2d 19h 30m
    FabodjantanArmsman2d 22h 22m
    DuwathNightshade3d 2h 42m
    DraendNecromancer3d 3h 21m
    MiloInfiltrator3d 3h 22m
    AelanWarrior3d 6h 57m
    ShendaceMentalist3d 10h 35m
    KhefruScout3d 12h 45m
    MezzannHealer3d 13h 5m
    CireshArmsman3d 13h 23m
    FarvanatorWarrior3d 19h 49m
    GorroFriar4d 1h 4m
    GaroCleric4d 9h 54m
    GoroScout4d 12h 53m
    SisyphosScout5d 0h 9m
    KanonArmsman5d 4h 6m
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