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Cosmetic Rewards

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  • Cosmetic Reward Structure


    RR 1
    (Usable while leveling) - Entry level cosmetics (Free)
    Tier 1/2/3 crafted armor appearances
    Realm Loyalty skins/glows

    RR 2 - Robust basics (1000 orbs)
    Tier 4/5 crafted armor appearances
    Unlock ability to customize pauldron/glove/boot padding

    RR 4 - Entry ToA (7500 orbs)
    Lower tier ToA reskins become available
    50% of weapon glows unlocked

    RR 5 - Class Epics (10000 orbs)
    Class Epic suit unlocked

    RR 6 - Fancy ToA (15000 orbs)
    Higher tier ToA reskins become available
    80% glows unlocked (the last 20% will come from rewards in other areas of the game)

    RR 10 - Champion/ultimate tier (35000 orbs)
    Champion Weapon reskins become available
    Realm-cloak reskins unlocked
    Vanity pet of the realm-king


    Kill Dragon 1 times:
    Dragonsworn Gloves/Boots cosmetics unlocked

    Kill Dragon 5 times:
    Dragonsworn Sleeves/Pants cosmetics unlocked

    Kill Dragon 10 times:
    Dragonsworn Helm/Chest cosmetics unlocked
    Basic Dragonsworn Cloaks unlocked


    Kill Dragon 25 times:
    Dragonsworn Weapon/Ornate Cloak cosmetics unlocked
    Full suit of realm-specific dragonsworn armor unlocked
    Vanity pet of realm-dragon



    Epic Dungeons
    (Apocalypse in Sidi for example)
    Kill Dungeon Boss 1 time:
    Possessed Realm-specific Glove/Boot cosmetics unlocked

    Kill Dungeon Boss 5 times:
    Possessed Realm-specific Sleeve/Pant cosmetics unlocked

    Kill Dungeon Boss 10 times:
    Possessed Realm-specific Helm/Chest cosmetics unlocked

    Kill Dungeon Boss 25 times:
    Astral weapon cosmetics unlocked (adze (hib)/dwarven axes (mid)/duelists rapier(alb) for example)
    Vanity pet of realm-boss (Apocalypse for example)



    Get one craft to 1000:
    'Good Realm-specific' Glove/Boot cosmetics

    Get two crafts to 1000:
    'Good Realm-specific' Sleeve/Pant cosmetics

    Get three crafts to 1000:
    'Good Realm-specific' Torso/Helm cosmetics

    Get all crafts to 1000:


    Orbs Earned
    orbs accumulated
    'Good Shar' armors unlocked

    250k orbs accumulated
    'Good Inconnu' armor unlocked

    500k orbs accumulated
    Vanity beetle pet
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