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Conquest System

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  • Conquest System

    A common concern with Old Frontiers is that without a goal, players often end up fighting endlessly in very few zones.

    Dark Age of Camelot thrives on realm versus realm combat centered around keep warfare, relic captures, and massive player battles. However, we also respect that many players prefer conflict that breaks from this format such as 8v8, small-man, and solo. This system hopes to reinforce the major themes of realm versus realm conflict and the overall tug-of-war of the frontier, while organically creating reasons for players to visit zones they may otherwise not have, and still allowing for all play-styles to participate.

    Conquest​ (top)

    Conquests take place in a 1 hour and 30 minute cycle, with 45 minutes uptime and 45 minutes downtime. When a conquest starts, three keeps (one in each frontier) are chosen as a conquest objective. These objectives will remain for 45 minutes or until one of them is captured.

    When a keep is an objective target, any player kills within a 15,000 unit radius will contribute towards a bonus objective pool.

    Every 5 minutes, all players who participated in RvR combat within the last 5 minute interval are awarded RPs based off of the objective pool and their contribution. Additionally, the objective pool is added to a secondary 'conquest bonus' pool with holds a tally of all points gained during this conquest window. Then, the objective pool is reset to 0 to start the next 5 minute cycle.

    Capturing any of the task objectives will award the 'conquest bonus' pool to all players of the capturing realm, split evenly among all participating players. The conquest bonus is then reset to 0, the capturing realm increases their streak by one, and new targets are chosen based on criteria outlined below. This repeats until the 45 minute conquest window has elapsed.

    Streak Bonus
    One realm capturing successive keeps will generate a streak bonus. Higher streak bonuses will increase the rate at which contribution pools fill, and thus the overall reward of both objective pools and conquest bonus for all realms, by 10% per streak level.

    Keep Selection Criteria​ (top)



    If a realm controls their entire frontier, then the portal keep in zone 1 is chosen as the objective by default.

    If the hourly task expires with no realm capturing an objective keep, new targets will be chosen for each realm using the following logic:
    - A target is randomly chosen from among any keeps in zone 3 are not owned by the original realm.
    - If no targets have been found, a target is randomly chosen from among any keeps in zone 2 are not owned by the original realm.
    - If no targets have been found, the keep in zone 1 in chosen as the target.

    If a realm captures a keep, then the zones are re-assessed and a new target is chosen using the following logic:
    - Any keeps not in the current frontier will be rotated using the 'no realm capture' logic described above.
    - If all keeps of the current tier in the current frontier have been captured, the next target is chosen randomly from among the next tier.
    - If any keeps of the current tier in the current frontier have not been captured, a target is randomly chosen from among them.

    /Conquest Command​ (top)

    To display information relating to this system, we have added a new command: /conquest

    This command will display the following information:

    1) Information about the 3 active conquest targets. The current objective pool for each keep will be updated in realtime, as well as the number of players within the task radius.
    2) Information about the conquest bonus pool, which will be awarded to the attacking realm on a keep capture.
    3) The time remaining in the current conquest
    4) The current streaking realm and their streak value will be displayed here, if applicable

    Example​ (top)

    (using placeholder numbers)
    Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia are all vying for control of Bledmeer Faste in zone 1 of Midgard. They fight for 5 minutes, accruing a pool of 20,000 points. At the end of the 5 minute window, all players who contributed toward that pool are awarded a portion of 20,000 points based on their contribution. The 'conquest bonus' increases from 0 to 20,000, and the objective pool is reset.

    They continue fighting for another 5 minutes, this time more intensely, generating a pool of 85000 points. All players who contributed to this pool during the window are awarded a fraction of this 85000 based on their contribution, the 'conquest bonus' grows from 20,000 to 105,000, and the objective pool is reset.

    This continues for 20 more minutes, increasing the 'conquest bonus' to 305,000. Hibernia is eventually successful in capturing the keep, immediately ending the conquest window and awarding each member of Hibernia their fraction of the 305,000 rps.
    A new keep is chosen in Midgard from among the zone 2 keeps, Hibernia sets their capture streak to 1, both objective pool and 'conquest bonus' are reset to 0, and 45m later a new conquest window begins again.
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