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    Pedro reacted to Kelteen's post in the thread Restoring Midgard v2 with Like Like.
    Hello Contributer and Player of Atlas, Thank you once again for your contribution and the motivation to test every class, every spell...
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    Pedro reacted to Kelteen's post in the thread Restoring Midgard with Like Like.
    Midgard, the dwelling place of humankind, formed from the body of the giant Ymir and linked by the bridge Bifrost to Asgard, home of the...
  • Fenyn
    Fenyn reacted to Boulvejak's post in the thread Reskin Request: Simple Skins with Like Like.
    I'd like to request that if/when reskins are added, please add the mundane craftable armor/weapon skins for that realm as options. For...
  • joshisanonymous
    That does seem awfully slow even if it's accurate for the patch level. Then again, it's such a hard class to balance because of its...
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    DJ2000 reacted to Idi's post in the thread Thoughts on Archers so far? with Like Like.
    The live server is pretty much trash imo, which is why I went to Phoenix, and why I'll be here on Atlas.
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    DJ2000 replied to the thread Thoughts on Archers so far?.
    You can call it evolution. Evolution in itself can not be called good or evil, but whatever you want to call it', "Just" it will never...
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    Whatever the case, even it not being a Realm or Game defining feature, it will still change the gameplay/fights dramatically. So being...
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    DJ2000 replied to the thread Shadowblade - Shadow Run.
    30sec is longer than i remember, but anyway. Stealth has no flag set for being able to "sprint" while being active. That may cause some...
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    DJ2000 replied to the thread No Stealth classes.
    Good or bad, doesn't matter. Unless you (or some like-minded) create a DaoC shard with no stealth (classes), there will never exist such...
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    The change you are implying is not something you can consider QoL, you know. But regardless, they are trying to get the base right first...
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    DJ2000 replied to the thread Thoughts on Archers so far?.
    This is DaoC. And in the entire Game's History, there was not a single moment when/where nobody was complaining about something. Not...
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    Cadebrennus replied to the thread Thoughts on Archers so far?.
    I totally forgot about Brittle Guards. They were also put in specifically as an Archer nerf. Archers got wise to the self-casted bubble...
  • Howdypal
    Howdypal reacted to lucame's post in the thread AUG ACUITY on ranger with Like Like.
    having to get AUG ACUITY 2 to be able to get MASTERY OF ARCANE seems kind of a waste for ranger, perhaps it can be changed to AUG DEX ?
  • Tamlan
    Tamlan reacted to Cadebrennus's post in the thread Crafting resource cribsheet with Like Like.
    I've collected a bunch of resources over the years here: https://drunkenranger.shivtr.com/forums/2201948 Feel free to pick through and...
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    A pet should move at the same speed as its owner whether in combat or out. A hunter or chanter pet should be able to sprint exactly as...