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Welcome to Grenlock's Sound


We're happy to introduce the next bracket together with a map change - all NPCs have packed their stuff and have moved to Grenlock's Sound!

glenlock sound.jpg

After the reboot, all existing Characters will be ported to the new cross realm Event Lobby where they can speak to the various NPC to get the appropriate event level, an updated set of ROGs and then port to the fighting zone.

glenlock sound2.png
  • Level cap increased to 44
  • Realm Rank cap removed
  • Cross Realm event lobby
    • Cross Realm chatting or grouping is not enabled
  • /release only allowed to the Event Lobby
    • 40 secs timeout before porting back
  • Grouped players will be ported to the RED AREA while solos will be ported to the YELLOW AREA

We have also placed some mob camps around the map for charming classes, this map shows their approximate location:

glenlock sound_mobs.png

New to Atlas? Just download our installer and follow the simple instructions in our guide:

  • Existing characters can talk to NPCs to get ready to play in GS
  • Players can choose to spend their hard earned RPs in Skins and Glows, thus lowering their Realm Rank - this will cause their RAs to be respecced.

In the next days we will:
  • Switch Reskins and Effects from RPs to Atlas Orbs to start tuning their drop rate and various costs
  • Introduce additional RAs that were deemed too powerful for the previous level bracket

Friday, 19th of November


Can I fight in the Event Lobby?

No, you can't - the lobby is a safe zone and combat is disabled.

What RAs will be available during the test?
We'll change the RA selection throughout the test, the current RA selection is as follow:

Ameliorating Melodies, Augmented Acu/Con/Str/Dex/Qui, Bunker of Faith, Concentration, Determination, Dodger, Ethereal Bond, Falcon's Eye, First Aid, Fury of the gods, Group Purge, Ignore Pain, Lifter, Longwind, Mastery of Arms/Pain/Blocking/Parrying/Archery/Art/Healing/Magery/Arcane/Water, Mastery of Concentration, MCL, Perfect Recovery, Purge, Raging Power, Second Wind, Serenity, Soldier's Barricade, Speed of Sound, The Empty Mind, Toughness

Will there be a Realm Timer active?
No but you might get the occasional You can't connect to two Realms at the same time error when switching Realms.
Just relog for now, we're working on it.

Will there be potions available?

So that means I really don't have any reason to dual log and use a buff-bot, right?

Can I use a custom UI?
Sure! Read our list of tested custom UIs here: https://www.atlasfreeshard.com/custom-ui/

What about the old icons?
Included in the pack - overwrite the sprites in /icons if you lack taste and want to use the newer version.

Will there be wipes?
Not during this testing phase.

Cool! Can you explain more how the Skins and Glows systems work?
Sure - glad you asked!
We have placed 2 NPCs that will gladly apply skins and glows to your equipment in exchange of your hard earned RPs.
Additionally, they will respec your RAs and give back the correct amount of spendable points as per your resulting Realm Rank.
This will be changed to work with Atlas Orbs during the test.

What happens to characters that don't want to spend their RPs in stupid cosmetic items?
Nothing, there's no longer a Realm Rank cap! Oh well, they won't look cool though.

All cool, but why this zone and not Molvik? We. Want. Molvik.
We know but we went a bit too deep while deleting NF and those zones need a bit of work before becoming usable again.
We hope to offer it in the future.
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Your communication gets better by the day! Keep it going!

- some help for new players would be good for attracting more testers -
More spawnpoints for solo, only port on those no enemy (or shrooms) nearby would bring fun not only to animist, stealthers and FG waiting nearby. Phönix had same event map with this better settings.
Please dont make a Phoenix server. Just make a good old daoc with OF, oldschool pvp and only the SI expansion.

Add the ROG drops from mobs, and xp boost/task.

Anything else with die again. Buff potions, events, cross realming. Dont do it, dont make the mistake, the server will die if it happens.

Keep the old RA abilities, it makes classes more unique.

Does'nt matter what other players might say. The original game started to loose players between, ToA, NF, New RR abilities.

Phoenix lost players at every event(Because all the hard work of lvling and getting up in RR kinda lost its point with 50/RR5 event).
And Phoenix lost even more with the cross realming event.
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Agreed. But the 50 people playing regularly will disagree and be considered a loud voice. And we know how that goes. You might as well ask for auto-hot-key to be removed.

Sadly - won't happen.
Hey Guys,

i hope you didnt quite understand what we are doing at the moment.
We are currently in a Stress Test and doing those Events to give you fun while testing.
This doesn't mean we keep those events after release.

We have a vision of Atlas, you can find it here:

Those tests help us to fix all major bugs before launch beta to bring the best gaming experience of daoc classic 1.65v.

Feel free to look up all "News" Posts to be updated.

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