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Theurg - Talk me out of tri-spec


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13 Oct 2021
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Hi all, stealing this post title from one I remember seeing on the Phoenix forums.

I'm keen to roll a Theurg on Atlas and everytime I look at different specs, I keep coming back to the tri-spec. But it seems to be contentious topic across the different freeshards I've played in the past.

35 Earth / 25 Ice / 32 Air
  • Max L50 Earth Pets
  • Max L50 Ice Pets
  • Max L50 Air Pets
  • Yellow PBT
  • 36s AoE Root
  • 23s AoE Mez

Will it be viable/useful here?

Or will things like the Earth pet movement speed or resists for low-level spells or high baseline variance make it kinda sucky.


5 Sep 2021
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There is no mastery of focus on Atlas RAs, even though the topic is being dicussed on another thread.
It could be a thing to consider before going 3 spec.

However, i like this one, able to do good solo, small, and be decent in full group.
Some may say you need Purple PBT to 8man only Ice/Earth spec

But if you want a theurg able to do every kind of RvR, your spec is nice; test & have fun with it.
There will be free respecs during beta, to do, among other things, those kind of tests.
25 Jul 2021
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From a solo perspective:

Although I'm a fan of 45 air specs, I personally don't think you get enough out of air in a tri-spec to bother. The main thing for air is that you have the spec DD so that you can nuke someone down while they're chain stunned by your pets, but you don't get that with tri-spec, so combined with the shorter duration of air pets (relative to earth), you're more likely to have to drop more of them to keep up the stuns long enough for your ice nuke to kill someone, which brings you at greater risk of running out of power.

Alternatively, you could use ice pets to chain snare while you nuke them down, but then you'd benefit from having higher ice pets so that their nukes help increase your damage to something like what you'd get from the air spec nuke.

As for the AoE CCs, the lack of MoF does make them less useful, but that's probably the least problematic part of this spec as they're not super important anyway. There's pretty close to no scenario where using the AoE root makes sense anyway since it blocks the ice pet snare and doesn't have the duration of a single target root if you just need to hold one person still for a bit. The AoE mez is more useful, but really only in cases where you can't get a couple ice pets off before the enemy starts trying to interrupt you.

I think a tri-spec will work alright for you, but it's not going to be as good as a earth/ice split or 45 air/ice spec for solo play.

As for group play, I really don't see a situation where a tri-spec would even come close to matching the effectiveness of a high earth spec, but I have much less experience in that arena to say.


20 Jul 2021
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For me it depends on playstyle.
  • Solo > full air
  • Small man > air/earth
  • 8v8 > full earth or earth/ice
  • Zerg > anything you like
I have played theurg before and there's no situation where I ever felt like I wish I had access to all 3 pets.