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Postern Doors in Keeps?


4 Sep 2021
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Today I logged in to a toon that was inside Eras ck. It was in process of being sieged, and Albs were inside door 2, right on top of where I had logged. Now, I logged in that particular spot for just this kind of situation, NO PROBLEM! I clicked on the postern door and POOF! I am escaped to the wall! The only problem was 2 Albs also clicked on the postern door and popped next to me... Now, as far as I remember, they shouldn't be able to do that. I jumped down next to their healer who promptly layethed the smacketh on me, and rightfully so.

But is this working as intended? Right after I died a keep guard attacked that healer so its not like the keep was taken and that's why they were able to use the postern door.


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26 Jul 2021
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Not directly related to the issue described above, but if the keep was under siege, you should have been ported to your portal keep:

- Players who attempt to log in near a frontier keep or relic keep that is "under attack" or
owned by an enemy realm will now be moved to a "safe point". "Under attack" is defined as
when the doors are actively taking damage or are completely broken open. The safe point for
attackers is the portal keep of the enemy frontier they are in. The safe point for defenders is the
border keep with the portal pad of the frontier they are defending.

- Note that players who go linkdead near a frontier will have a 10 minute "window" during
which they can log back in without being moved to the safe point.