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Leveling Event **Active Now**


Thank you all very much for joining us in the Atlas PvE Beta so far. We've gathered some wonderful data, and are making changes daily to continue tuning the leveling and PvE experience to match our vision. We have decided to launch the following event, in order to further gather data on the path to 50 as well as provide some larger-scope goals for players to work towards during this phase, should they desire.

I am happy to announce our Leveling Event, which will proceed as follows:

The Goal
The goal of this phase is to harvest data across a variety of classes and playstyles, in order to get a feel for the time to 50 across the overall game space. Your goal is to hit 50 with a fresh character by any means possible, ideally many times across many classes. Please feel free to group, play solo, in small men, or whatever you find most enjoyable, as all data is good data here.

Eligible Characters
Any character with a created date after 12:01AM Jan, 4 2022 GMT.

Why Bother?

Upon reaching level 50 on an eligible character (defined above), you may 'trade-in' that character for an award of Atlas Orbs by contacting a team member. Base Reward of 1000 Orbs.
Your character will be asked to log out, deleted, and your reward granted to any character on your account of your choice.
Note: Do not use characters with names you wish to reserve for this event. Due to the non-permanent nature of this event, the names used for these characters will not be saved.

All orbs will be granted pending a very short questionnaire regarding our target data points (mentioned below).
Orbs will persist into the i50 phase, so this could be a good way to get a headstart on banking orbs for customizations. ;)

Orb Bonuses

- If your time /played to 50 is faster than any other submission for that class, you will gain an additional 10k Orbs.
- If your time /played to 50 is within the top 10 for that class, you will gain a scaled bonus reward of 1-9k Orbs.

- If your group qualifies for the 'Teamwork' category (below), you will gain a scaled bonus reward of 1-10k Orbs for coming in the top 10 group speeds.

- Characters who solo entirely from levels 1-50 will be granted a bonus of 15k orbs per unique class per account. Joining any group will disqualify a character from eligibilty for this reward.
- Additional titles have been added (see below)

- Characters can be leveled in groups for an additional bonus of 5k orbs to each character in the group. To qualify, all submitted characters must have been created within the same 10 minute interval, and must hit level 50 within the same 1 hour interval. This bonus applies to groups of any size as long as the previous conditions have been met.

- Additional Orb bonuses will be awarded to players submitting a class that is played less frequently. We will track overall submission counts for each class, and if your class is within the lowest 10 overall submissions you will gain a scaled bonus of 1-10k additional orbs.
- If you qualify for the solo bonus, 5-10k additional orbs will be awarded for turning in an underplayed class.

Potential Awards: 1k-25k orbs/character


Any Character

If you 'trade in' 5 (five) unique classes, your account will permanently be awarded the title of 'Herculean Beetle'.
If you 'trade in' 10 (ten) unique classes, your account will permanently be awarded the title of 'Sisyphean Beetle'.

Alongside the bonus orbs, the title 'Solo Beetle' will be awarded to eligible characters.
If you 'trade in' 5 (five) unique solo classes, your account will permanently be awarded the title of 'The Punished'.
If you 'trade in' 10 (ten) unique solo classes, your account will permanently be awarded the title of 'The Deranged'.

Access to the titles will only be available during this phase of the beta, and will no longer be obtainable after the start of the i50 phase.

Feats of Strength and Courage


- Players may use the '/hardcore on' command at level 1, which cannot be undone.
- Characters with hardcore mode enabled will be permanently deleted after their death.

- Upon reaching level 50, this mode will be disabled and the title 'Hardcore' automatically awarded and set for the character.
- An additional award of 50k Orbs will be awarded (enough to fully reskin a character with change to spare!)

Data Points
While leveling these characters, we ask you to keep in mind a few factors which we will be interested to learn upon your arrival at 50.

- Coin gained by level 50
- Time spent grouped vs. solo
-- Avg group size, if any
- Availability of class-specific and/or usable gear
- Amount of downtime (ok to use general terms or guesstimate %s here)

- Time /played to the following benchmarks
-- Level 10
-- Level 20
-- Level 30
-- Level 35
-- Level 40
-- Level 45
-- Level 50

We once again thank you very much for choosing to join us on Atlas, and hope that this will be a fun and rewarding event for both the players and the team as we continue our progress towards launch. Cheers! 🍻
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Directly from the Teams post about the leveling event
It's a good event. If you play the beta for yourself, you will rush the fastest toon and collect orbs. if you play it for the server and yourself, if you want to help, you will choose a rare played class and level that one.
Depends on you, so blaming the Servercrew is not right.
Not sure the best route to contact a member of the team so I will place it here.

Solo Hardcore
Name: Soloani
Class: Animist
Spec: Creeping 1-50
Subspec : Rest verdant
Coin Gained - 3p 132g
Coin spent - Approx. 600g on potions

Level 10 /played 46mins
Level 20 /played 2hr 32mins
Level 30 /played 5hrs 19mins
Level 35 /played 6hrs 48mins
Level 40 /played 10hrs 2mins
Level 45 /played 14hrs 37mins
Level 50 /played 17hrs 6mins

No Deaths
Gear : Fully geared by level 10. No problems with capping Int and dex
Money: Only purchased potions
Areas xped : Followed xp bonus zones. Never tried OF or DF zones. Also avoided dungeons because shrooms were pulling through walls.
Task items: Task items were used at the last 5 levels. A stack of 10 would typically be a whole level
Downtime : Waiting for power to regen during mob respawn. Approx 1 min. of resting was about 40-50% mana.
Issues: Lag during low pop hours caused issues when setting up shroom camp.

Levels 1-45 find camps in 50% PvE bonus zone. Setup shroom 1000k away from camp. Slowly bring in shrooms. Wait for repop and let shrooms kill. Yellows and Oj's some reds.
Level 45-50, No longer chasing PVE bonus zones. Strictly went to find task items. Some issues with a few task items but for the most part most were working.
Hardcore Solo Creeping Animist - So far..

lvl 10 - 1hr
lvl 20 - 2h 33m
lvl 30 - 4h 18m
lvl 40 - 7h 5m
lvl 50 - died in DF to molochs while my shrooms stopped acting... not coming back unless u recover my char. name is Lisboa.
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Did i get this right: when i reach lvl 50 with a hardcore-charakter, i keep the title and the charakter for the final game then ?
Solo hardcore druid
10 - 2.30 hours
20 - 8.32 hours total
30 - 16 hours total
40 - 24 hours total
50 - 51 hours total
Probably spent about 3 hours afk on the last few levels. Must of spent 2 hours looking for xp item reward NPCs.

Killing yellow and OJs steadily as a nature druid. Could even take low level reds on at later levels, but too time consuming. Didn't start using xp items until mid 30's. Fully geared by level 7. Gear seemed quite low level until level 40 (some green and grey items waiting for a better drop), then it seemed to catch up to the character. Lots of xp items that either the npc didn't exist or they wouldn't accept the items.
Solo Hardcore Druid

10-20 4,1/2hours
30-40 idk i was in zombiemode irl :D
40-41 about 4-5 hours
41-50 5h-10h ish, Fen introduced me into xp items speeded this up. ( this was before the xp item changes/nerf )
Total time was 1d 5h 51m

full nature untill 37, then 12 rej 7 nurt and kept the nature maxxed until 48 and leftover on nurt.
first 50g went into buying a merchant. after that whenever i could afford/need i bought/used buff potion and shard potion.
Only time i experienced having issues keeping items up to date was after i started doing xp items.

Killing ojs/reds with none-minimal downtime.
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