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Late October Update


Hey all, welcome to the late October update!

We are ready to share an update to our Server Settings with the long awaited charges and buff pots details and a change of direction on two controversial changes we had in our settings - please find below the details.

These changes are not yet implemented in the live version - follow the #patch-notes channel to be updated on the latest changes live on Atlas.
You can find the full list of Server Settings that will be implemented on Atlas at this link.

  • Charges on Atlas:
Buffpots: 20 Base Buffs / 35 Spec Buffs
Charge items: 60 Spec Buffs
Highest Self Buffs / Spec-Buff-Classes with yellow buffs, without MotA: 70-75 Spec Buffs
MotA capped buffs: 93 Spec Buffs
Charges available for purchase at merchants and equally available to all Realms
We know charges are a controversial theme and we tried balancing them aknowledging the widespread diffusion that we'll have a few months in.
In discussing charges, we tried to overcome two major issues: availability and their values as we didn't want them to become hard-to-obtain-but-quickwin-when-timer-up items but more a viable alternative to non buffing classes.
Our change to charge values creates a tiered power system that allows buff classes to gain the benefits of their specialization without having their toes stepped on, while still providing charges as an option for solo/small-man teams who run without a buffer and desire some power beyond what potions can provide
All charges are equally available to all Realms and vendored by merchants too

  • Friar's MoA pre-requisite changed from AugStr3 to AugDex3
As Staff damage is 100% based on DEX, we felt having MoA behind a STR wall would discourage Friars deciding to spec melee
  • OF Tireless to be replaced by NF tireless
The reasoning is that OF Tireless is just plain useless, NF tireless will be trainable by everyone.

  • Remove the higher pet disease proc
  • Cherry pick 2 changes from 1.69:
    • Sureshot for all archers
    • Increased the buff spells for both Hunters and Rangers to bring them more in line with those available from buffing classes
When we introduced the disease proc for the Hunter we were trying to balance what we think is the class with the worst kit among archers.
Although we didn't get to test it, we didn't feel like that one change would have resulted in the desired balance and so instead we have decided to cherry pick two changes from a later patch level.

  • Revert pet charm cap and allow any charm depending on instrument skill as per Classic ruleset
  • Lower charmed mob output (damage, melee, spells, etc) when:
    • Only when charmed mob level > 55
    • Only in RvR zones
Minstrel is a high ceiling class that can at the same time hugely benefit from AHK and harps and that with extensive class knowledge can easily outperform many classes.
Our original change was meant to avoid the proliferation of godlike creatures with a purple pet that could easily win most fights.
With this change too, we felt we were crossing the line by limiting a viable specline because of external factors.
We have then decided to review our change in a way that would still allow Minstrels, that decide to spend their points and risk the spell resist to charm a purple pet, to benefit from a higher pet HP pool while reducing the charmed mob output in terms of damage and spells delve.

As always, we are very grateful for your support and we hope you're having fun in Cathal Valley!

The Atlas Team :atlas:
you folks sound insane , these devs has put together this trial perion for us and im sure they are aware of classes trainign dex up when they are stre. classes smh, you damn folks are never happy get over it..
Buffpots: 20 Base Buffs / 35 Spec Buffs
Charge items: 60 Spec Buffs

whereas i can live with the 60 spec buff value i dont like the normal buff values, are these green buffs?
why you cannot give just everyone at least yellow buffs. 😭
I have 3 questions here about these changes:

1, I see a bit of a problem with the Friar one. There are some other classes, that also have to spec into RA pre to get something and they cannot use the pre. For example Nightshades need Aug Acuity to get WIld Arcana, however Aug Acuity does absolutely nothing for them. Are others going to change too or is this going to be a Friar only thing?

2, You are writing about the buffs from patch 1.69 for Hunter and Ranger. This is about dex/quick, however their AF shield is still in the weaker state. This change was made with patch 1.72:

We've increased the values of the self Armor Factor buffs in the Hunter's Beastcraft and Ranger's Pathfinding lines. These spells should now be comparable with a specline AF buff instead of baseline. With this change, these AF buffs will now stack with baseline buffs from Seers and Naturalists. The spell lines affected are Lynx's Pelt in Beastcraft and Invincibility in Pathfinding

Since there is no Info about the values from AF charges(Or do you mean with 60 spec value everything, including AF?), you can maybe think about adding the better AF to Ranger/Hunter.

3, I didn't see anything about Champions. The Champion str/con is level 50, however it has a value of 62, instead of 75. Is this going to be increased aswell to be on pair with Thane or the others, as 75 value for 50?
Last edited:
Buffpots: 20 Base Buffs / 35 Spec Buffs
Charge items: 60 Spec Buffs

whereas i can live with the 60 spec buff value i dont like the normal buff values, are these green buffs?
why you cannot give just everyone at least yellow buffs. 😭
you can delete shamans and other characters directly
yes but you need to see that we are not in 2002 anymore and no one except some champ/warden/thane players & some elite grp players wants to play like that.
Anyway im Happy that the staff bring in buff potions, base stat is not enough but its a good first step from then.
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