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Atlas /slash commands


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20 Jul 2021
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Commands in this color are Atlas custom commands.


/autolootA toggle allowing loot to be picked up automatically if in range
/bindBinds your character to a location near a binding stone
/cloak (on | off)Makes cloak visible or invisible
/ckDisplays which Realm owns CK while in a Battleground
/duelFight a duel against a friendly realmmate
/duel acceptAccepts a duel
/duel challengeChallenges the target to a duel
/duel surrenderSurrender to a dueling opponent
/eventrog (on | off)Toggles receiving ROG drops during the event. Using without option returns your current flag status.
/followYour character follows the target
/friend [playername]Adds the named player to your friends list
/gtrangeDisplays the range between you and your current Ground Target
/helm (on | off)Makes your helm visible or invisible
/hoodToggles the hood on and off when wearing a hooded cloak
/lastname [preferred last name]When used at a Name Registrar NPC, the /lastname
/mapDisplays the in-game map system with the map of the zone you're currently in
/onlineDisplays a window with the list of players currently online
/sell [bag]Sells all the content of [bag] to the selected merchant
/sell allSells all the item in the inventory to the selected merchant
/password [oldpass] [newpass]Allows the player to change their account password
/prayRestores some lost xp when performed at your grave
/qbar [#]Switches to the specified quickbar (each quickbar has a number assigned to it)
/qbind [#]Displays all of your current keybindings
/qbind [bar#] [slot#] [quickbar#]Binds a new key. Example: /qbind 1 2 2 will bind a key to Quickbar Page 1, Slot 2, QuickBar 2.
/quitLogs out your character
/quiverToggles the quiver window
/quiver dumpTakes all arrows in the quiver and drops them to the ground
/qunbind [bar#] [slot#]Gets rid of a keybinding
/random [#]Prints out a random number between 1 and the number specified
/rangeDisplay the range between you and your current target
/realmwar (alt. /rw)Display the realm war map
/rearrangeRearrange characters on the selection page
/rearrange listShows a list of all characters and slots that they occupy
/rearrange setslot [source slot] [targetTslot]Swaps the source and destination character slots
/releaseReleases your character from death and returns him to his binding point
/release houseReleases your character from death to your house if you are bound in one
/release cityReleases your character from death to your Capitol city
/release borderkeepWhen dead in the frontier, releases your character from death to the borderkeep
/repairRepairs keep doors
/respec realm | all | [spec line]Typed while targeting a class trainer or master trainer, players may choose to respecialize a trained line of specialization
/restCharacter sits down
/roleplay (on | off)Flags a player as a roleplayer or not
/rp (on | off)DISABLED
/salvageSalvage raw goods from an item; may only be done by crafters with high enough skill
/servernews (alt. /sn)Displays the latest server news
/sitCharacter sits down
/socialProvides players with guild, alliance, realm, realm mates and realm news
/sprintMakes your character sprint
/standCharacter stands up
/statsDisplays a window with your character's current statistics (HP healed, resurrections performed, and your current gamplay "I Remain Standing..." score)
/stats player {name}Displays current statistics for the listed character
/stats rp | killrp | kills | deathblows
| irs | heal | resurrect
Displays stats for the specified type for the current gaming session
/statsanonToggles anonymous settings for real time online statistics garnered from the /stats commands
/stuckLogs character out of the game and resets location to a nearby spot. Use when stuck in world geometry.
/switchAllows player to configure weapon swaps between their character and their inventory
/switch 1h {slot}
/switch offhand {slot}
/switch 2h {slot}
/switch range {slot}
/target [Player]Makes [Player] your target, only works on allies
/titleDisplay title window
/trainOpens the class training window without the need to see your trainer. Respecs still require visit by player.
/xp (ON | OFF)Turns XP gain for the character ON or OFF. Using without option returns your current flag status. Disabled during events.
/voteIn-game voting when a topic is available
/who BGDisplays the list of players that are BG leaders
/who soloDisplays the list of ungrouped players


/gc aacceptAccept an alliance invitation
/gc acancelCancel an alliance invitation
/gc adeclineDecline an alliance invitation
/gc ainviteInvite another guild to join your alliance
/gc amotdDisplays the alliance message of the day
/gc amotd [text]Sets the alliance message of the day to the specified text
/gc aremove leaderRemoves your entire guild from your current alliance
/gc aremove [#]Removes the specified guild (listed by number) from the alliance


/battlegroup groupclassShows the class makeup of each of the groups in the battlegroup
/battlegroup groupsWill display a group focused version of the /battlegroup who command. It will identify who is grouped within the battlegroup, who is grouped with people outside the group, and who is solo.
/battlegroup invite [playername]Invites the specified player to the battlegroup
/battlegroup join [moderator name]Join a public battlegroup by name of the moderator
/battlegroup join [moderator name] [password]Join a private battlegroup which has a password set
/battlegroup leaveRemove oneself from the battlegroup
/battlegroup listenPuts the battlegroup on listen mode; only the moderator and leaders can speak
/battlegroup loot treasurer | normalToggles the treasurer feature on and off
/battlegroup lootlevel [level]Sets a threshold for the level an item must be to enter into this system
/battlegroup passwordDisplay the current password for the battlegroup (moderator only)
/battlegroup password clearClears the current battlegroup password
/battlegroup password [new password]Sets a new password
/battlegroup privateThe battlegroup is invite or password-only
/battlegroup publicThe battlegroup is public and anyone can join by typing /bg join
/battlegroup remove [playername]Removes the specified player from the battlegroup
/battlegroup statusDisplays the current member count of the battlegroup
/battlegroup treasurer [battlegroup member name]Designates the specified player as the treasurer for the battlegroup
/battlegroup whoLists all members of the battlegroup
/who BGDisplays the list of players that are BG leaders


/cg helpDisplays all chat group commands
/cg invite [playername]Invites specified player to the chat group
/cg join [moderatorname]Join a public chat group by name of the moderator
/cg join [moderatorname] [pass]Join a private chat group by name of the moderator and password
/cg leaderDeclare another member of the chat group as leader
This player can invite other players into the chat group and speak when the chat group is on listen mode.
/cg leaveLeave the current chat group
/cg listenPuts the chat group on listen mode; only the moderator and leaders can speak
/cg passwordDisplay the current password for the chat group (moderator only)
/cg password clearClears the current password (moderator only)
/cg password [new password]Sets the password for the chat group
/cg privateThe chat group is invite or password-only
/cg publicThe chat group is public and anyone can join by typing /cg join
/cg remove [playername]Removes the specified player from the chat group
/cg whoLists players in the chat group


/adviceA specific chat channel designated to ask questions to your fellow realm mates
/afk [message]Sets character "away from the keyboard." You may also set an optional [message] to display when players try to contact you while AFK.
/asend (or /as)Sends a message to the alliance chat
/bchat or /bc or /bu or /bb [message]Sends [message] to your Battlegroup Chat
/broadcast (or /broad or /br)Broadcasts a message across a wider area
/chat (or /c or /ch)Speaks to the chat group
/chatlogToggles the chatlog on or off
/emote (or /em, or /e) {text}Performs an emote
/group (or /g)Sends a message to your group
/guild (or /gu)Sends a message to your guild
/ignore [playername]Ignores the specified player
/osend (or /o)Sends a message to officer chat (must be a guild officer)
/rpfilter [abbreviation] [text]Allows players to filter out commonly used game terms and abbreviations for any text that he/she wishes
/rpfilteroffTurns the roleplaying filter off
/rpfilteronTurns the roleplaying filter on
/say (or /s)Speak outside of a group or guild in a small radius around your character
/send [playername] (or /tell [playername])Sends a private message to the specified player
/whisperSpeaks softly in an extremely close range
/whoRP Searches for players who have flagged themselves as role players
/yell (or /y)Yells for help; add text (/yell [text]) to speak in a wider range


/assistAssist the target in battle
/bufforderChanges the order spell effects display on a character. First/last, Last/First. This is a Toggle.
/cancelstyleToggles the feature that allows one to cancel their styles by executing them a second time
/faceFaces the target
/faceloc [x] [y]Turns and faces your character into the direction of the x, y coordinates provided
/groundset [unit amount]Set a ground target a set number of units in front of the player.
/stickSticks to the target; Same as /follow, but you remain much closer and the range at which you get "too far away" and break loose is smaller


/anonymous (or /anon)Make your character anonymous on the /who listings
/chatlog [filename]Opens up a chatlog to the specified filename instead of "chat.log" The extension ".log" is automatically added to the filename specified.
/clientsleep background |
minimized | none
Sets the client to go into "sleep mode" and use less processor power on one's computer. You can adjust these settings from the options menu as well.
/clockToggles the display of a new window that shows the current time of day (real time, not game time)
/colornamesTurns on the new name coloring features that make it easier to distinguish certain NPCs from others
/effects self | group | all | noneToggle spell effects to show one's spell effects only, all, your group's, or none at all.
/filterToggles the chat curse filter
/hidegravesHides all gravestones except for your own
/hidenames players | monsters
| self | graves | all
Hide names of the specified objects (players, monsters, one's self, graves, or all objects)
/keyboardOpens a window with the current keyboard configuration
/noqueueToggles the spell queuing system on and off
/oldnamecolorsTurns off the new colored name feature and returns to the original release name coloring
/quickbar Qbar# 1/0Toggle quickbars when using multiple quickbars as introduced in 1.75. For example, to enable quickbar 2, use /quickbar 2 1.
/resetcameraResets the default camera settings
/scrollchatToggles the Chat Buffer scrolling. If it is toggled on, messages in your visible chat buffer will disappear after 90 seconds - but you will still be able to view old messages by scrolling back in the chat buffer.
/setcameraSaves your default camera settings
/setwho class | tradeSets how the player wishes to be displayed on a /who inquery. Class displays the character's class and level. Trade displays the tradeskill type and level of the character.
/shownames [option]Shows names of the specified objects (self | players | monsters | gravestones | groupmates | guildmates | enemies)
/sshot [name]Will take a screenshot and apply the specified image name as the base filename for screenshots taken after issuing this command. So executing "/sshot Raid" will name screenshots taken after as Raid-01.jpg, Raid-02.jpg, etc.


/autosplitChooses how the loot and money are divided in the group
/disbandDisband from the group
/invite [playername]Invites a player to join your group. If no name is specified, it invites the currently targeted player. [PH: Works with partial names]
/joinAccept a Group Invite
/makeleaderWhen used by a group leader, this command will make the named player (/makeleader 'playername' or the current targeted group member the new leader of the group.


/gc acceptAccepts a guild invitation
/gc allianceLists the alliance the guild is currently a part of
/gc autoremove account [accountname]Guild leader command only; Removes all players from the guild whether or not he is online at the time from the specified account name
/gc autoremove [playername]Guild leader command only; Removes a specified player from the guild whether or not he is online at the time
/gc cancelCancels an invitation to join the guild
/gc claimRanking guild member (with claiming permissions) in a group filled with all guild members may claim a keep in the name of the guild
/gc declineDeclines a guild invitation
/gc demote [#]Demotes the target to the specified rank number
/gc deposit [copper|money text]Allows players to make a deposit to their guild's bank. Amount must be in copper (e.g. 250000) or money text (eg. 50g50s).
/gc editLists editable pieces of the guild structure; To edit them, type /gc edit [editable section name].
/gc edit[ranknum] alli [y/n]Ability for the guild leader to allow a rank to enter/leave alliances (create a diplomatic officer)
/gc edit[ranknum] motdedit [y/n]Ability for the guild leader to allow a rank to edit the guild motd
/gc emblemSets the guild's emblem
/gc formForms the guild (4 people required)
/gc infoReturns a list of guild information
/gc invite [playername]Invites the specified player to join the guild
/gc loginsToggles a flag on your character which will send a text message informing you of whenever a member of your guild (who isn't anon) logs on or off
/gc motdLists the message of the day
/gc motd [text]Sets the message of the day with the designated te
/gc noteselfSets a note for the currently logged character
/gc omotdLists the officer guild message of the day (if one is an officer)
/gc omotd [text]Sets the officer message of the day with the designated text
/gc promote [playername] [rank#]Promotes the specified player to the specified rank number
/gc quitRemoves oneself from the guild
/gc ranksLists the ranks in the guild. Leaders may also change these ranks with this command.
/gc releaseRanking guild member (with releasing permissions) can release a claimed guild keep
/gc removeRemoves target from the guild
/gc removeaccountRemoves all characters associated with the same account as the target character.
/gc whoLists all of the players in the guild who are currently logged on
/gc withdraw [copper|money text]Allows players to remove from their guild's bank. Amount must be in copper (e.g. 250000) or money text (eg. 50g50s).
/guildcommand (or /gc)Lists all of the available guild commands
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Thank you Clait. I believe this will be greatly appreciated.
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