Welcome to Atlas Freeshard
Atlas is a classic DAoC free server based on patch 1.65, with Old Frontiers, old RAs and some minor QoL of changes.
If anything (mechanic/skill/spell/etc) isn't mentioned on the list below you can safely expect it to function as it was at 1.65 patch level.


  • Patch 1.65 as a base, some minor customisation as below
  • Old Frontiers
  • Old Frontiers RAs
  • SI enabled
  • NO buffbots or multi-accounts
  • No catacombs classes (or beyond)
  • No Half Ogre, Frostalf, or Shar races
  • No ToA, MLs, CLs, etc.
  • 6 hour realm timer (after RvR action)
  • Charge items
  • Classic Archery


  • Unlimited respecs for the first 24hrs of /played level
  • Account Vault Keeper shared across all characters on one realm
  • Built-in macros for selling, crafting, and salvaging
  • All tradeskills shared between characters
  • Atlas Orbs will be able to purchase rare items, reskins, effects
  • Buff barrels to be craftable by Alchemists
  • AHK allowed (NO loops or delays, /chatlog disabled outside Capital Cities)
  • OF mob camps slightly buffed in density compared to Classic zones
  • ROG system will be available (capped at ~80 util)
  • The teleporters on the pad will now look for the medallion in the Mythical slot instead of the necklace
  • /train
  • Self casting a timed buff while in a group will have the buff applied to all team members
  • Detailed combat information (%) for crit/miss/parry/evade/block
  • Auto-train points to be given without the need of holding on training
  • Auto-loot
  • Starting equipment (white armor/weapon - no bonuses)
  • Potion activated buffs will disable but won't drop when overwritten
    This means that cancelling the superior buffs will resume the potion buffs for their remaining time.


  • Target /played to lvl 50 = 30 hours
  • 5% group XP 60min potion purchaseable with Orbs
  • /gc buff xp (5%)
  • +12.5% XP Bonus per every unique classin group
  • 25% bonus to exp in all dungeons
  • 50% bonus to exp in RvR dungeons
  • 75% bonus to exp in Darkness Falls
  • Underpopulated Realm XP Bonus (to be introduced few months in after launch)
  • Underpopulated Class XP Bonus (to be introduced few months in after launch)


When a player participates in PvP, that account will be "locked" into the players realm for RvR zones. The account can still login to other realms but will be unable to go to RvR zones (OF, BGs, OF dungeons, DF) until the timer expires.

The Realm PvP Timer will start when a player either attacks or is attacked by an enemy player or keep guard.
If a player in a realm different than their account's current Realm Timer Realm tries to enter a RvR zone, they will be ported back to their bind. Players may check their current realm timer status with /realmtimer command. This will show current Realm and time remaining


Buffpots: 20 Base Buffs | 35 Spec Buffs
Charge items: Str/Con - 57 | Dex/Qui - 63 | Acuity - 41 | AF - 55 | Haste 16%
Highest Self Buffs / Spec-Buff-Classes with yellow buffs, without MotA: 70-75 Spec Buffs
MotA capped buffs: 93 Spec Buffs

Charges can be obtained only through crafting or trading

Unequipping a charge item in the following category will immediately remove its effects (if active):

  • Strength/Constitution Buff
  • Dexterity/Quickness Buff
  • Acuity Buff
  • AF Buff

Additionally, players may not have more than two of the above charge buffs active at one time.


  • OF Tireless replaced by trainable NF Tireless

All support (except Bard):

  • Cure Nearsight I and Cure Nearsight II at 20 and 35 heal specs, respectively (note 35 heal spec is intended to open up spec diversity in supports)

Bolt casters:

  • Bolts only consider attackers within 200 units for forced-miss calculations (cherry-picked 1.84 change)


  • Camouflage timer to be lowered to 5 minutes
  • Introduced Sureshot ability from 1.69


  • DOT tick will not be applied at every evenomed weapon hit
  • Trading envenomed weapons to non assassins will have the venom removed


  • Baseline DD range increased to 1500
  • Spec DD range increased to 1500


  • Can train Determination up to level 3


  • MoA pre-requisite changed from AugStr3 to AugDex3


  • Increased self buffs delve to 1.69 values


  • Dragonfang stun reduced to 7s


  • Lowered charmed mob output (damage, melee, spells, etc) when:
    • Only when charmed mob level > 55
    • Only in RvR zones
  • Dragonfang stun reduced to 7s


  • Harps enabled for Bard/Minstrel
  • Bard/Minstrel/Skald will have to twist to run multiple songs (classic)


  • Endurance chant won't cost any power
  • Skill points will be increased (2.5x - 3706)
  • Can train Determination up to level 3


  • Purge will work on the pet
  • Realm friendly & non conc spell casted on the shade will affect the pet
    Meaning that targeting the player in the group window will heal/buff the pet i.e.
  • +Con/+HP from items at the moment of summon will pass to the pet
  • +Dex/+Qui from items at the moment of summon will pass to the pet
  • +Melee resists (up to 26%) from items at the moment of summon will pass to the pet


  • Increased self buffs delve to 1.69 values


  • Can train Determination up to level 3


  • Dragonfang stun reduced to 7s


  • Cure mez in the Suppression line lowered to lv19


  • Can train Determination up to level 3
  • Static Tempest uses New Frontiers mechanics, but without the ability to reset stun immunities


  • Can train Determination up to level 3