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  1. Howdypal

    No Stealth classes

    It is my personal opinion that this would be detrimental to the health of this server as I feel the cons would outweigh the pros. Here's how I see it. Pros ------ + Minstrels rarely need stealth but it can be useful. + Not being ganked out of nowhere. Cons ------ - Stealth is part of the...
  2. Howdypal

    Theurg - Talk me out of tri-spec

    45 earth 29 ice isn't a horrible spec either but you will spend money (on power pots) and rps to offset the huge power drain that is red pbt.
  3. Howdypal

    Friar RvR viability discussion

    In 8 man with two healers you might as well have a friar for the second one for the resists, although running with 2 clerics gives you access to more insta heals and spread heals so I guess it's a tradeoff. A high rejuv friar with yellow resists can be pretty decent though if they know what...
  4. Howdypal

    Give swap weapon from bags into weaponslot a 5 sec timer while in combat.

    Honestly I agree with everything Saroi said but this is the part of that Idea that came straight to mind for me as well. It would seriously nerf those classes.
  5. Howdypal

    3 Wishes For Atlas daoc Server

    1. A non toxic player base. 2. Longevity. 3. Not too many attempts to overbalance the game.
  6. Howdypal

    Will there be quests?

    Seeing as the majority of experienced players will already know where the best camps are at to farm xp for bonuses will there be questlines besides the epics for nostalgia's sake or will they be done away with altogether? I understand pve is fairly far away at this point but the question came...
  7. Howdypal

    Question for Pally

    Thanks I'll try it out once the server goes live.
  8. Howdypal

    Soooo about Wardens...

    I wouldn't say nobody wants them. It's just more situational. At least from my very little experience playing a warden on live.
  9. Howdypal

    Question for Pally

    Has anyone ever tried a saracen thrust pally? I've been thinking of trying it and wondering if anyone has experience with it.
  10. Howdypal

    Fun times with weapons.

    Thid is and always has been my favorite bg and this is just so fun testing there. The atlas team deserves recognition for the hard work they're doing it's been great so far. Had quite a lot of fun running around wiping people and getting wiped for the second time today. Especially had fun...
  11. Howdypal


    Ended up in a really good alb group for like 3+ hours. It was pretty fun even though it was a little buggy. That's to be expected at this stage though, so all in all I'm quite impressed with what they've done so far.
  12. Howdypal

    Late September Update

    Keep up the great work! We appreciate it.
  13. Howdypal

    What will you play?

    I'll roll a friar and a pally first probably.