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  1. Fenyn

    Atlas Grab Bag - #2

    Hello friends, Thank you again for enjoying your time here at Atlas. We are, as always, happy to see people hopping on the server and testing out the PvE mechanics. :) We've made some great progress in the past two weeks, and have even better prospects for the future! To take a little break...
  2. Fenyn

    Leveling Event **Active Now**

    Hello! Thank you all very much for joining us in the Atlas PvE Beta so far. We've gathered some wonderful data, and are making changes daily to continue tuning the leveling and PvE experience to match our vision. We have decided to launch the following event, in order to further gather data on...
  3. Fenyn

    Stats Used by Weapon Type

    100% DEX: Staff All bows (shortbow/xbow/recurve/etc) Thrown Shield 50% STR 50% DEX Thrust/Pierce Spear (Midgard) Flexible Hand to Hand 100% STR: Everything not mentioned previously
  4. Fenyn

    Atlas ROG Speed Generation values as of 11/8/21

    Hello everyone. I've gotten a lot of questions about ROG speeds, so I figured it made sense to make the info publicly available for reference. In all cases, the intent was to constrain the speeds to be within the bounds of what is available through crafting. However, the slowest possible and...
  5. Fenyn

    Dev Diary - #1

    Hello! There's been many questions and much interest in what we're actually doing to the server architecture, and I'm here to hopefully help shed some light on what we're chipping away at behind the scenes. It would do little good to provide a big solution without first explaining the problem...