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  1. Fenyn

    Leveling Event **Active Now**

    Ping me in discord @Fen or send /Fen a tell ingame if I'm online. You can also try one of the other GMs listed in /who GM if any are in-game.
  2. Fenyn

    Atlas Grab Bag - #2

    Hello friends, Thank you again for enjoying your time here at Atlas. We are, as always, happy to see people hopping on the server and testing out the PvE mechanics. :) We've made some great progress in the past two weeks, and have even better prospects for the future! To take a little break...
  3. Fenyn

    Leveling Event **Active Now**

    The titles of Baby Beetle, Growing Beetle, and Massive Beetle will still be awarded to any characters made from the start of the PvE Beta onwards. The ability to acquire those will also disappear with the start of the i50 beta. We have no firm date on the end of the PvE beta at this time, so...
  4. Fenyn

    Leveling Event **Active Now**

    The titles will persist into launch, and the orbs will persist at least through the end of the i50 phase. :)
  5. Fenyn

    Leveling Event **Active Now**

    Hello! Thank you all very much for joining us in the Atlas PvE Beta so far. We've gathered some wonderful data, and are making changes daily to continue tuning the leveling and PvE experience to match our vision. We have decided to launch the following event, in order to further gather data on...
  6. Fenyn

    QQ over Beta

    Komaf, like I keep reminding you, this is an in-progress phase. In fact, we pushed a patch yesterday that sped up group XP significantly. The issue of low group experience lasted for maybe 3 days in its entirety from start to finish. It's under works bud :D
  7. Fenyn

    Preview of Effects and Reskin's

    It has been under construction since the i44 beta but its a more complex addition than most. It will be in soon*TM* :)
  8. Fenyn

    1-50 group

    I lied! Just got it fixed with like 3h left to go before the 24h mark :rgbwiggle: :D If you're feeling froggy, I suggest you log in and give grouping another try soon. I think some of the issues you've found with it have been resolved and grouping should feel reasonable once more. I would...
  9. Fenyn

    1-50 group

    I apologize that my one pair of volunteer dev hands can't fix the problem in under 24h. Hope you'll consider rejoining us once its been fixed a bit :)
  10. Fenyn

    Give RoGs the correct appearance for their level.

    That's good feedback, ty! I had not considered the prevalence of the exotic skins, I think I will rewrite it such that they're still potential roll options but with much, much lower chances to emulate that 'rare drop' feel. We currently have a ~1% chance to drop special realm-specific skins on...
  11. Fenyn

    Give RoGs the correct appearance for their level.

    While I did not follow this suggestion to the tee, there should now be significantly more variation in appearances as you progress through the levels now. Thanks for the suggestion :)
  12. Fenyn


    You can find our patch notes in the #patch-notes section of our discord which is where we have our most up-to-date news! :)
  13. Fenyn

    Unfair game on this evenyt

    What kind of improvements did you guys make to Utopia's back end architecture? We are trying to scale our server to support thousands of players ideally, and I'm always looking for new ideas on how to hit that mark. :) How did you guys manage to solve DoL's event system being overloaded at large...
  14. Fenyn

    Caster walk through

    It is a 64unit bubble around you