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    Merry Christmas and happy holidays

    Blessings to everyone.
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    Thid Banter

    It didn't happen unless you brag about it!
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    I keep forgetting to ask about this. I think that this was one of the better ideas of the past that was introduced on any server. Kudos to whoever came up with this. Was or is there any discussion about including this command at all, may it be RvR or just PvE?
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    Will there be an ingame Ticketing service? Which service level (tiered support) can be accessed through which way ot communication, if there are more than 1. Will there be some sort of Guidline for the players? I doubt it, but will there be self-service tools available? More alike for us to...
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    After launch roles.

    Will current Team members take the roles of CMs? Or will there be any at all, or Teamleads, Player councils, etc. ?
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    Let's have some Discussion about one of the most iconic classes of Midgard, the Thane. Build, Gear, RA ... Solo, Duo, small, 8man ...
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    Some Questions

    EDIT: More questions than i thought it would be. No need to be overly precise/specific. EDIT2: added some answers. Server Location? Europe (UK). Will Proxy be used? Yes. Any suggested Char planner? https://planner.atlasfreeshard.com/ Singular account bank is shared across all characters on...