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    • Dragonn
      Dragonn reacted to bm01's post in the thread The EDEN effect with Like Like.
      First of all, there's no plan of closing Atlas as far as I'm aware, so as long as some players are willing to play here, you can rest...
    • Dragonn
      Dragonn reacted to Idi's post in the thread Observations so far........ with Like Like.
      1. XP for leveling is deficient. - I leveled multiple chars to 50 during the beta, and the time it took to do so seemed about "right"...
    • Dragonn
      Dragonn replied to the thread Do not restore /craft set (yet).
      Dude, daoc players are all veterans. That means we have a job now, a family and less time for play daoc. I love classic but some QOL...
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