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    Merry Christmas and happy holidays

    Blessings to everyone.
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    Thoughts on Archers so far?

    You take a sentence from recent years (lets's ignore from whom) but ignore the entire history of patches, notes and the game itself that are archived for everyone to see. PM me or bust. My last comment about this.
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    Thoughts on Archers so far?

    @Cadebrennus Not going to bother with your opinionated attitude, here. We can continue with pm's if you want, but i doubt you care as you are out of gas anyway, that's why you are deflecting with "funny" gifs. Lets's stay on topic, shall we.
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    Thoughts on Archers so far?

    A note on the new Special Abilities from Matt Firor 2002-01-16 16:57:35 What Mark Jacobs says and what Mark Jacobs does, are 2 different things. While Jacobs was the President, Firor was the...
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    Thoughts on Archers so far?

    You can call it evolution. Evolution in itself can not be called good or evil, but whatever you want to call it', "Just" it will never be. There will always be winners and losers. Look at Live servers. i consider it a mess. And yet, it has the most amount of time and effort put into it to...
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    Pets in RvR should abide by the same CC rules/immunities of players

    Whatever the case, even it not being a Realm or Game defining feature, it will still change the gameplay/fights dramatically. So being present or not at patch 1.65, this, would be a major change to all aspects of RvR gameplay.
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    Shadowblade - Shadow Run

    30sec is longer than i remember, but anyway. Stealth has no flag set for being able to "sprint" while being active. That may cause some issues. And the ability never worked as being "sprinting" as the Sprint-mechanic does. It was a speed increase like any other (for example, like the rangers...
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    No Stealth classes

    Good or bad, doesn't matter. Unless you (or some like-minded) create a DaoC shard with no stealth (classes), there will never exist such a server. That would also be a setting you would announce with the server itself, and not something you would retroactively change mid-launch or even...
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    Animists bomber pets are way too slow

    The change you are implying is not something you can consider QoL, you know. But regardless, they are trying to get the base right first (completeness, function, interaction, backend, resources management etc.), before they apply further "Atlas-Adjustments" to the classes. Well, if at all.
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    Thoughts on Archers so far?

    This is DaoC. And in the entire Game's History, there was not a single moment when/where nobody was complaining about something. Not once. Not a single class, nor archetype or realm. There was always and constant complaints (as you call it "whine") about almost everything from everyone. Just as...
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    Unfair game on this evenyt

    @Thatsamdude You are welcome to address anything you like, don't get dissuaded by someone else. It would be appreciated if you'd offer your skills and experience, all for the sake of contributing/helping the Dev team. Feel free to stay, play and/or Test during these test phases. There is also a...
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    Friar RvR viability discussion

    In an Alb grp with a single Cleric, the cleric has to be Enh/Rej for the spec buffs, which almost forces the Friar to go 35rej/48enh with ~21staff. The next major(43) or HoT(44) are out-of-reach if you value the staff snares. With 2 clerics you could drop rej in favor of staff, but that is...
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    haha yeah, pretty much. Can conjure Lightning and thunderbolts, but can't move because some plants are keeping his feet tied up.
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    Give swap weapon from bags into weaponslot a 5 sec timer while in combat.

    But then it would only hit the Light Tanks not being able to switch the holstered Shield back in, ....while the assassin can switch his (fresh) poisoned xx weapons without issues? So you are fine with assassin swaps, but don't want Light tank swap? Correct me if i am wrong. Just being curious...
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    No buff pots

    Long story short